VerePLEX Biosystem


VerePLEX Biosystem

A versatile multiplexing platform for the rapid analysis of nucleic acids. Combining molecular biology, microfluidics and microelectronics to enable the integration of PCR and Microarray.

Multiplexing Simplified

VerePLEXTM Biosystem combines molecular biology, microfluidics and microelectronics to bring the future of diagnostics and surveillance to you today. The VerePLEXTM Biosystem, along with the VereChipTM, is a breakthrough in innovation, integrating two powerful molecular biological technologies: PCR and Microarray.

VerePLEXTM  Biosystem consists of the following components:

•   Temperature Control System (5 random access modules)

•   Optical Reader

•   Biosystem Software

•   Barcode Reader

Temperature Control System (TCS)

The Temperature Control System (TCS) is a high precision thermal cycler that drives the VereChipTM. The TCS can run up to five different tests and protocols simultaneously or at different points of time without having to wait for all the modules to complete their cycles. It is modular and can be scaled to accommodate the needs of both large diagnostic settings and point-of-care applications.

Optical Reader (OR)

The Optical Reader is a compact instrument that captures and analyzes the microarray in a few seconds. The optimal optics settings are automatically selected and this makes it particularly suited for minimally-trained personnel and point-of-care applications.

VereChipTM Lab-on-Chip

VereChipTM is a silicon chip that integrates an ultra-fast miniaturized PCR reactor for amplification of nucleic acids and a customizable microarray. It allows users to apply the full benefits of molecular testing in real-world conditions, at a fraction of the time, cost and complexity needed to operate common lab equipment.

Biosystem Software

The software can provide a highly detailed microarray analysis report for expert users in a central lab or a simple diagnostic report for basic users in a point-of-care setting.

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VerePLEX Biosystem

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