Coltri Industrial Compressors (ITALY)

Industrial Compressors


Coltri Sub Portables
MCH 6 MCH 11/13/16 Compact
Coltri Sub stationary
MCH 6 Compact MCH 13/16 Mini Silent
MCH 6 Marine Pak MCH 13/16 Super Silent
MCH 13/16 Standard MCH 26/32 Dual
MCH 13/16 Mini Tech MCH 30/36
MCH 16 Tech Nitrox
MCH 36 Accessories and Supplies

Quality high pressure breathing air compresors for the diving, fire fighting, industrial, marine and paintball industries

The Coltri Sub line of compressors consists of a full selection of portable machines that range from the personal sized 2.8 cubic feet per minute machine to the big, military designed 26.4 cubic feet per minute fill system. Plus, there is a full selection of stationary compressors that range from 7.8 to 26.4 cubic feet per minute to fill the air requirements for the smallest to the largest dive shop, fire station, paint ball field or other breathing air application. All models carry the CE rating and provide fire and scuba grade dry, filtered, high pressure breathing air. The newest equipment to be added to the line is a full range of Nitrox compressors, membrane units and feeder systems.Aerotecnica Coltri® produces portable compressors and high CFM recharging stations, including single and three phases electric engine.