Fire Fighting bike

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Motor Bike + HNE 10 Liter firefighting system

Based on combination of the light and agile motorbike  and the special HNE-extinguishers of the 10-liter series, an innovative and unique fire fighting vehicle of the smallest possible size has been created. Characterized by low operating c osts, high reliability and fast response time in combination with the excellent performance of our proven 10-liter units, the FIREBIKE is predestined for first responders in busy urban areas. Its two front wheels provide noticeable increase in safety and stability on wet, uneven roadways or at slowest speed without risk of toppling. With its slim silhouette, the FIREBIKE slips through narrowest alleys or heaviest traffic. When arriving at the target point, there is no jacking up of the scooter. The rider leans back, slips easily into the extinguishers backpack and dismounts.

  • low in cost and upkeep
  • highly reliable, quick on site
  • ideal for busy urban areas
  • stable on wet or rough roads
  • no danger of toppling at slow speed
  • passing through narrow alleys or dense traffic