Rescue Litter (CMC, USA)

Rescue Litter

Rescue Litter
Featuring StratLoad™
Attachment Points

U L ClassifiedtoNFPA1983
A complete re-thinking of the classic Stokes military-style litters,
our Rescue Litter features a full one-inch diameter top rail to
make the litter easier to handle when carried for extended periods.
“Chicken wire” has been replaced with Durathene
netting, which
eliminates cuts and scrapes caused by broken wires. Back support
is molded, high-density polyethylene for greater durability. The

steep-sided design allows a narrower litter with the same width
at the bed, which accepts standard-sized backboards. The narrow
width and rounded ends provide greater maneuverability in tight
locations. The Stainless Steel Rescue Litter comes with four quickattachment
litter straps.

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Rescue Litter (CMC, USA)

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