ResQmax™ Line Deployment Kit


Everything you need to launch a 3-mm messenger line up to 350 feet (107 m). The 500-foot (152-m) Dacron® line has a tensile strength of 2.2 kN (500 lbf). Once you have the messenger line across, use it to pull across the rescue rope.

Products included:

ResQmax Launcher with Folding Stock

Streamline Line Projectile with two spare molded projectile protectors

500 ft. (152 m) Dacron® messenger line with compact line container (2.2 kN/500 lbf. test)

Spares Kit

Corrosion Block Lubricant/Rust Inhibitor, 4 oz. (113 g)

Streamline Filler Hose Assembly

CORDURA® Nylon Carry Bag, Red/Black

Streamline Nozzle Protectors, (Pack of 5)

Operations Manual


ResQmax Distance Chart
Performance figures shown below represent conservative values achievable by someone who has received basic training in the use of the equipment.
Line Type Horizontal w/ Line Projectile Horizontal w/ Sling Projectile Vertical w/ Grappling Hook
7mm Black – Nylon/Spectra Braid 165 ft.
(50 m)
165 ft.
(50 m)

80 ft.
(24 m)

5.5mm Black – Nylon/Spectra Braid 280 ft.
(85 m)
230 ft.
(70 m)
110 ft.
(33 m)
3mm White – Dacron® Polyspectra Braid 400 ft.
(122 m)
300 ft.
(91 m)
Not Applicable
8mm Yellow w/ Red Tracer – Polyspectra Water Rescue 250 ft.
(76 m)
200 ft.
(61 m)
Not Applicable

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ResQmax™ Line Deployment Kit

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