Thermal Imaging Camera UCF 9000 (Drager, Germany)

Thermal Imaging Camera (Drager, Germany)

Draeger UCF 9000 Thermal Imaging Camera

The UCF 9000 packs wide ranging functionality into a lightweight device that helps you tackle any imaging task with just one hand. From complex firefighting operations to the documentation of training, the UCF 9000 give syou everything you expect from a Draeger thermal imaging camera and more.


  • UL approved intrinsically safe, Class 1, Division 2
  • Thermal image recording and video recording
  • 8 operation modes to enhance the detail during specific applications
  • 384 x 288 pixel resolution for 44% more detailed high quality images, even in poor visibility
  • 57° horizontal field of view – 10° more than the UCF 7000
  • Scan Plus that combines real images and thermal images for enhanced detail
  • 2x and 4x zoom – one more zoom option than the UCF 7000
  • Has 180° flip screen for proper visual orientation and docking on left or right

The UCF 9000 is a video camera in its own right, able to capture both thermal images and real images for rescue operations, training sessions, or whatever task is at hand. The UCF 9000 offers 8 image modes in addition to the standard thermal mode including:

  • Fire (firefighting)
  • Persons (search and rescue)
  • Thermal Scan (searching for persons outside)
  • hazardous Goods (leak detection and level indicators)
  • Scan PLUS (searching for heat sources in real images)
  • Normal image (video camera)
  • Customizable color palette – choose from 5 different modes

The UCF 9000 offers 44% more detail than other firefighting thermal imaging cameras – and with a wider fireld of view and two zoom options (2x and 4x). It allows you to set temperature thresholds for both thermal images and real images to make identifying hotspots easier and quicker. The compact design of the UCF 9000 allows users to select all functions with just a thumb or index finger. And with the camera’s robust plate support, users can crawl on all fours without losing their grip.

Extended features include a laser pointer for marking heat sources or displaying the fill levels of tanks, a snapshot function for taking freeze frames that help users “peek” around corners, an extended dynamic range for clearly detecting people and objects, even near fires and quick shutter capacity for ensuring a clear view at all times.

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Thermal Imaging Camera UCF 9000 (Drager, Germany)