Myanmar Trillion Group  Co.,Ltd. is one of the companies which supplies

1. Fire Fighting Equipments and Safety products,

2. Search & Rescue Equipments

3. Medical Equipments

4. Industrial Solutions

of superior qualities and service .

We located at the down town area of  Yangon.

We supply various kind of fire fighting products and spare parts, such as Fire Extinguishers and Fire Fighting accessories as Fire Hose, Nozzles,Special Foam Equipments,Foam Fluids,Ventilators,Hydrants,etc.

Not only that we also provide various kind of Water Mist Equipments,Fire Alarm System,Portable Fire Pumps,Fire Fighting & Rescue Trucks.

Safety Equipments such as Fire Fighting Suits, Gas Detector, Breathing Apparatus, Thermal imaging Camera & Cylinder Air filling Machine.

Search & Rescue Equipments as Search Camera,Life Detector,Life search & Breathing Detector,Hydraulic Rescue tools and Air Lifting Bags.

We supply Medical Equipments for Operation Theatre,Intensive Care Unit,Accident & Emergency Unit,Neonatology,Respiratory,Medical Gas Supply & other.

And also we focus on Industrial Solutions as Industrial Screw Compressors,Automation & Power Generators up to 2000 KVA.

Our goal is not only to  provide Perfect quality with Competitive price, Satisfied Service to all of our clients.

It means we provide Sale,Service & Spare parts.

Moreover, we pay much attention to customer service and support.

We have won very good reputation all over market through our all along professional, honest and skilled operation since 2011.

Our clients are Government & Non-Government Organizations , Local &  Foreign Companies .

There are four affiliated companies with  Myanmar Trillion Group

  • Myanmar Trillion Group Trading Co.,Ltd.
  • Myanmar Trillion Group Services Co.,Ltd.
  • Creative Myanmar Technologies Co.,Ltd.
  • MTG Healthcare Co.,Ltd.
  • Served Industries:

    • Fire Department

    • Urban Search and Rescue

    • Hospitals

    • Civil Aviation
    • Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms
    • Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessels
    • Tankers
    • Onshore Oil and Gas terminals
    • Refineries
    • LPG Bottling Plants
    • Gas Compressor Stations
    • Gas and Oil Metering Stations
    • Gas Turbine Driven Power Plant
    • Conventional Power Plant
    • Paper Coating and Printing Machines
    • Distilleries
    • Breweries
    • Frozen Food Freezer and Storage Plant
    • Pharmaceutical Production Plants
    • Chemical production Plant
    • Semiconductor Production Facilities
    • Photo Voltaics Manufacturing
    • Industrial Gases Handling and Storage
    • Space Industry
    • Aircraft Storage and Maintenance Hangers
    • Tank Farms
    • Communications Industry
    • Waste Water Treatment Plant
    • Chemical Plants
    • Boiler Rooms
    • Tunnels/Car Parks and many more