Water Mist Equipment

Water mist fire fighting system, handheld / backpack
Also know as portable rapid responce fire fighting system
HiCAFS and HiPress based technology. Equipment is available in 6, 10, 35 and 50 Liters capacity.
Light weight system can be easily carried in one hand
Single gun to extinguish class A, class B and electric fires.
750 gms light weight gun with locking facility with full jet stream ensuring a lancing distance of 12-16 meters in controlling class A, class B and electric fires
The bigger size water droplets of 250 to 350 micron have high kinetic energy with deep penetration ensure higher success rate in windy conditions also
Quality of vapour sealing of flammable liquid by HNE system is that the upper layer of the liquid covers the surface area and cut of entrainment of air thereby controlling fire in short time
System maintains constant pressure and works effectively even if air pressure is 50 bar in the air bottle
System cleans automatically as remaining air is blown out of the container and ready for second recharge without time loss
Filling reservoir available in 6, 10, 35 & 50 L capacity with extinguishing agent: Water + AFFF
In emergency contaminated water with suspended particles up to 3 mm can be used
Propellant normal air in 2 or 4 or 6L capacity at 200 / 300 bar depending on the capacity of the equipment
Corrosion free aluminum alloy shell with 600 time usage history of the system in one year with a shelf life of over 10 years.
We can also offer equipments to fight fires due to magnesium dust and splinters which are widely used in Automobile, Aircraft and Shipping Industries, Paint Industry, Steel Plants etc.