The use of this search and rescue equipment has been greatly simplified, offering modern, efficient and reliable support during search and rescue operationsFind victims EASIER, FASTER, SAFER!

The search & rescue equipment includes several complementary devices intended for search and rescue specialists. Designed and built for use by rescuers for location and detection of buried victims.

LEADER Search is the world’s ONLY seismic wireless life detector, designed to detect the presence of trapped or entombed victims and pinpoint them with great accuracy. The highly sensitive seismic sensors will detect even the slightest sign of life; tapping, scratching, banging, voices or any other indicator of viable victims, regardless of the nature of their entrapment ie. rubble, snow, mud etc..

LEADER Cam developed to visualize and communicate with victims, is used for evaluating the necessary assistance and emergency care needed.

LEADER Hasty is the world’s first and only true Hasty search system that combines search cameras, listening and victim communication devices into one unit* !

LEADER Scan, is the WORLD’S ONLY device capable of detecting the slightest chest movements produced by breathing ! 

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