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FaceSearch  is an easy-to-use facial recognition solution that results in more investigative leads.FaceSearch was developed by Vigilant to deliver a functional, scalable and advanced facial recognition solution that any investigator can use. The application is available as a PC-based or web-basedsolution, and is hosted in the cloud and available on Android and Apple OS mobile devices.

The PC-based application is perfect for prisoner intake and security checkpoint. The web interface provides access from any web browser, and the mobile application provides ultimate portability.


License Plate Recognition

LPR system that can analyze both IR and color video cameras at the same time to read attributes on license plates. Furthermore, LPR system can use the video camera and also calculate the speed of the vehicle for speed enforcement. LPR system that can store the color of the vehicle for later investigation within LEARN to help identify suspects and is the only LPR solution that allows the user within a vehicle(mobile LPR) to not connect the LPR system to a laptop computer, and will operate without a user interface if necessary(no GUI required).